Testimonials ForMolly Curley

She was not only our realtor, but our friend too

My soon to be husband and I recently decided to move to a new state, begin new jobs and (finally!) get married. This was huge for us! And then, on top of it all, we decided to purchase a home. Our first home. With so much on our plates we couldn’t visualize how we could possibly make that happen. Molly was the 4th or 5th realtor we met. She immediately stood out and we quickly knew that she was the person we wanted to help guide us through this sticky, complicated process. Molly always worked with our busy schedules. She’s very upfront with her opinion and manages also to be nurturing and encouraging of our opinions. She never spoke down to us- more often than not I felt empowered to make better decision while around her. It took us a while to recognize which home was our first choice. And, by the time we realized it, another party had already made an offer. Her compassion at that moment was something a paycheck can’t reward. We were broken-hearted. My fiance especially, (he had already drawn out and envisioned future additions and renovation projects). Molly had immediately taken it upon herself to let the sellers know we were interested, and to give her a call (before anyone else) if the deal fell through. Luckily, it fell through and we got our first choice! She was our advocate. When issues with the boiler and electrical system arose, Molly worked adamantly to reason with the sellers. Never disrespectful but incredibly logical. Her husband is in construction, she’s been in real estate for a while, she’s been in the buyer’s shoes quite often, and she’s a mother of two. Her experience is strong and her ability to stick up for what she believes in is even stronger. By the time closing came, Molly had talked the sellers down by over 20k. She’d also worked in the normal fix-its plus a few more necessities- like the boiler and electrical system. She went above and beyond to provide us with surveys and prior history on the home, things a buyer would normally have to fork over a lot of dough for. And finally, her genuine celebration over our home let us know that she was not only our realtor, but our friend too. Thanks Molly!